Electric Byke

Why your favorite battery bike must have dual mode of riding

As you all know, YObykes are the smartest battery bikes ever made and the best part is that they are designed, developed and manufactured in India. Among all the models of YObykes, YO EXL is one that has the highest speed of riding.

Its maximum speed is 55 kilometers per hour but this is not the only reason why it is more popular among people. Main reason is none other but its excellent feature – Dual mode of riding.

Dual mode riding

YO EXL offers you this brilliant feature which makes it the smartest electric scooter. It offers dual mode riding – Power mode and Economy mode. When you ride it on city roads, you would generally ride it with Economy mode. But when you want to go for increased speed and cover more distance, you can select the Power mode.

Dual mode riding Bike

This battery bike is powered by an electric battery which can be recharged when required. So the bike runs on electric energy. When it comes to use the stored energy, dual mode riding allows you to decide when you wish to use it – whether you want it to use for traveling long distance or driving it on higher speed. And selecting the mode is not a big thing; you can do it while riding it too.

Other robust features of YO EXL

– Digital odometer
– Abundant boot space
– Powerful battery
– Telescopic suspension
– Pay Load Capacity: 130 Kg
– Maximum range: 60 Km/Charge

Not all the electric scooters available in the market offer dual mode of riding but it comes to great help especially when you want to enjoy a long trip on roads with less traffic. Then, using the Power mode, you would be able to ride it at a higher speed.

So take home this smartest battery bike from YObykes because your most favorite trip still awaits you!