Gearless Battery Bikes

Gearless battery bikes – Ideal for everyday commute

When it comes to buying a two-wheeler for anyone in your family, you need to consider a lot of points. Your head will get a spin with a lot of WHATs and WHICHs – What is the budget? Which vehicle should you buy- A geared one or the gearless? Should you buy an electric scooter or the conventional one? Which is the good brand across the town?

Don’t worry! You are at right place and we are going to present the solution for you. We have an ECO-FLEET of battery-operated bikes which are highly suitable to all age groups. YObykes’ battery bikes are gearless bikes that come with easily manageable controls. Their key-start feature and light weight make them ideal to use daily, especially for ladies, elders and school-going children as well.

Unlike geared scooters, riding gearless electric scooters doesn’t need any training. No gears, no kick, no fuss! In contrast, they are very easy to ride and maintain as well. We offer various models according to your everyday use. We also have two safe-speed models which are specially designed for the students aged between 13 to 18 years. And the best thing is that you don’t require any driving license or registration to drive these two-wheelers.

No-license no-registration electric scooters:


Nothing can be better than our gearless bikes. Have a look at the list of perks they exhibit:
– They are gearless. So easy-to-ride!
– They’re eco-friendly as they don’t use fossil fuels.
– So no pricey fuels and their huge expense!
– You can charge their battery anywhere anytime. Just carry the charger along with you.
– They’re light-weight due to absence of heavy components (fuel tank, engine, etc.).
– They offer safe speed to drive.
– They come with dual mode riding – Power and Economy.
– They offer abundant storage space with lock.
– They’re best for all – Right from you to your grandparents and your children!

If you wish to experience our gearless battery bikes, book a test ride now!