Electric Byke

Why your favorite battery bike must have dual mode of riding

As you all know, YObykes are the smartest battery bikes ever made and the best part is that they are designed, developed and manufactured in India. Among all the models of YObykes, YO EXL is one that has the highest speed of riding.

Its maximum speed is 55 kilometers per hour but this is not the only reason why it is more popular among people. Main reason is none other but its excellent feature – Dual mode of riding.

Dual mode riding

YO EXL offers you this brilliant feature which makes it the smartest electric scooter. It offers dual mode riding – Power mode and Economy mode. When you ride it on city roads, you would generally ride it with Economy mode. But when you want to go for increased speed and cover more distance, you can select the Power mode.

Dual mode riding Bike

This battery bike is powered by an electric battery which can be recharged when required. So the bike runs on electric energy. When it comes to use the stored energy, dual mode riding allows you to decide when you wish to use it – whether you want it to use for traveling long distance or driving it on higher speed. And selecting the mode is not a big thing; you can do it while riding it too.

Other robust features of YO EXL

– Digital odometer
– Abundant boot space
– Powerful battery
– Telescopic suspension
– Pay Load Capacity: 130 Kg
– Maximum range: 60 Km/Charge

Not all the electric scooters available in the market offer dual mode of riding but it comes to great help especially when you want to enjoy a long trip on roads with less traffic. Then, using the Power mode, you would be able to ride it at a higher speed.

So take home this smartest battery bike from YObykes because your most favorite trip still awaits you!

Gearless Battery Bikes

Gearless battery bikes – Ideal for everyday commute

When it comes to buying a two-wheeler for anyone in your family, you need to consider a lot of points. Your head will get a spin with a lot of WHATs and WHICHs – What is the budget? Which vehicle should you buy- A geared one or the gearless? Should you buy an electric scooter or the conventional one? Which is the good brand across the town?

Don’t worry! You are at right place and we are going to present the solution for you. We have an ECO-FLEET of battery-operated bikes which are highly suitable to all age groups. YObykes’ battery bikes are gearless bikes that come with easily manageable controls. Their key-start feature and light weight make them ideal to use daily, especially for ladies, elders and school-going children as well.

Unlike geared scooters, riding gearless electric scooters doesn’t need any training. No gears, no kick, no fuss! In contrast, they are very easy to ride and maintain as well. We offer various models according to your everyday use. We also have two safe-speed models which are specially designed for the students aged between 13 to 18 years. And the best thing is that you don’t require any driving license or registration to drive these two-wheelers.

No-license no-registration electric scooters:


Nothing can be better than our gearless bikes. Have a look at the list of perks they exhibit:
– They are gearless. So easy-to-ride!
– They’re eco-friendly as they don’t use fossil fuels.
– So no pricey fuels and their huge expense!
– You can charge their battery anywhere anytime. Just carry the charger along with you.
– They’re light-weight due to absence of heavy components (fuel tank, engine, etc.).
– They offer safe speed to drive.
– They come with dual mode riding – Power and Economy.
– They offer abundant storage space with lock.
– They’re best for all – Right from you to your grandparents and your children!

If you wish to experience our gearless battery bikes, book a test ride now!

Yobyke Models

11 Quick tips for a smooth and carefree YO ride

One of the best things about YObykes is that they don’t ask much for maintenance. They are as easy to maintain as to drive and you don’t have to give your much in order to keep these electric scooters running well.

Conventional vehicles on the other hand, have complex mechanisms such as engine, clutch plates and gear box and are tough to maintain. You need to take them to a mechanic for a repair and that too, cost you so much. But electric bikes manufactured by YObykes hold a simple mechanism. They have an efficient rechargeable battery and a BLDC hub motor to count as major components.

Here are 11 quick tips to keep your electric bike running well and enjoy a carefree ride:
1. Regularly charge the battery of your bike and avoid discharge in use.
2. If it has not been used for three or more weeks, then charge it first before you use it.
3. Prefer to use only an Electrotherm-supplied/approved charger to maintain a good battery life.
4. Do not try to dismantle either charger or battery.
5. Avoid overloading or over speeding your vehicle as this will substantially reduce its range.
6. Avoid racing start as it can faster drain the energy from its battery. So avoid fast acceleration.
7. Avoid frequent and unnecessary braking.
8. Maintain proper pressure in the tyres. Under-inflation can increase the rolling resistance and waste the energy.
9. Turn off the power whenever your electric scooter is not in use (At road crossing signals etc.).
10. Lubricate all moving parts that are exposed to atmosphere – chain, axles, pedal pivots, brake lever joints, etc. Lubricate these parts more often in dusty and rainy conditions.
11. Don’t use water-under-pressure while cleaning your battery bike in order to prevent damage to electrical components.
So keep these tips in mind and let your electric scooter keep going. Have a smooth YO ride!

To experience an electric bike by YObykes, book your test ride now!

Battery Scooter

5 Ways to keep up your battery scooter’s performance

Whether you have planned to buy an electric bike or you already own one, you would always want that your bike runs well, right? Well, we would also want that you have the best experience of riding it. That is why we, at YObykes, have come up with some tips that would help you increase the range of your electric bike and enhance its overall performance. Have a look, please!

1. Avoid overloading

Check the pay load capacity of your scooter. It is the carrying capacity of a vehicle which is normally measured in weight. It includes the riders and whatever you are carrying along with you on that scooter. This capacity changes from scooter to scooter. So first of all, check its pay load capacity and make sure that it doesn’t exceed the limit.

2. Don’t often change its speed

While you are riding your electric scooter, don’t suddenly change its speed. You should not suddenly pick up its speed to maximum when it has just been started. And vice versa, you should also avoid unnecessary and frequent braking unless it’s required in case of traffic jam.

3. Start your electric scooter gradually

YObykes come with a key start facility. You just have to turn the key and it will start but you need to take care that you don’t start it at full acceleration. A racing start may quickly drain its battery. So avoid fast acceleration while initiating it.

4. Maintain proper pressure in tires

This is essential! If you want your electric bike to run well, you have to make sure that its tires have proper pressure. If they are under-inflated, their rolling resistance will increase. As a result, their energy might be wasted and you wouldn’t want this, would you?

5. Save its energy

Whenever it is not in use, keep a practice of turning it off. Whenever you stop at traffic signals or road crossings or anywhere to attend a call, turn off your electric scooter. This would prevent draining its battery charge, save the energy and enhance its overall performance.

Above tips would not only just increase the range of your electric scooter but will also give you an uninterrupted and enjoyable ride.

And if you want to experience how enjoyable it is to ride a YObykes, book your first YO ride now! You may also visit your nearest YObykes store today!