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Why you should choose e-bikes over e-bicycles

Many of you might think that e-bikes and e-bicycles are same. But they aren’t! Both are different in many ways – Right from their mechanism to their performance.

Electric bicycles look like the conventional bicycles. Both have pedals, drive chain, seat post, stem and handlebars. The only difference is that electric bicycles have a motor, controllers and a battery. On the other hand, e-bikes are battery bikes that look like fuel-driven two-wheelers. But they run through electric power and don’t use conventional fuels such as petrol, diesel or gas. They are free from any kind of air or noise pollution. They support green transportation.

However e-bicycles are also an eco-friendly and economical option for daily transportation, following are some reasons why you should choose e-bikes over bicycles:

E-bikes are easy to drive
In case of bicycles, you need to pedal it to make it run and it requires too much energy in order to cover longer distance. On the contrary, e-bike comes with accelerator and hence, you don’t need to pedal it. So without any physical strain, you can travel as much as you want. And unlike many conventional scooters, they come with key-start feature which assures that you don’t have to apply the kick. Just insert the key, turn it and it is good to go!

They save your time
YObykes and many other battery bikes offer a good driving speed, more than what a bicycle can offer. So choosing an e-scooter as your daily travel partner can save you lot of time. It is a safe and cost-effective option for daily transportation, especially for corporates and school-going children.

Ideal for all age groups
As far as your grandparents are concerned, cycles are not a feasible commute option as they require too much physical strain. On the other hand, YObykes come with safe speed and easy-to-use controls which make them ideal even for your grandparents.

Why to go for any other two-wheeler when an e-bike can become your safe and economical travel mate? Experience a test ride today!