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Steps taken to combat air pollution in Delhi

As we all know, India’s capital has been facing a crucial issue of air pollution since long and after this Diwali, it has even got worse! The air quality has reached the severe level with particulate matter reaching 15 times than the safety limit.

New Delhi, the most populous city in India, is engulfed by heavy toxic smog which is a mixture of dust, vehicle exhaust, moisture and smoke from burning debris and plants. This haze has caused the second-worst condition in city in the last ten years.

Even after the continuous steps taken by Delhi Government such as ‘Odd-Even vehicle program’, there is no improvement in the weather condition. On the contrary, the situation is getting worse day by day. To combat this severe smog, Government of this metro city recently declared some steps which hopefully, would be able to improve the overall scenario.

Key Steps announced by Delhi Government

  • Until Wednesday, all schools will remain shut.

  • A coal power plant Badarpur Thermal Power Station will remain closed for 10 days.

  • All types of demolition and construction activities can’t be carried out until Friday.

  • At least once a week, the Public Works Department shall sprinkle water on 100-foot and longer roads.

  • Use of diesel-powered generators is prohibited for a few days.

  • From November 10, all roads will be vacuum-cleaned.

  • The odd-even vehicle program shall be re-introduced in the city in order to reduce traffic jam situations and the haze.

  • The possibilities of developing artificial rain shall be thought to remove dust from the air.

However Delhi is captured by the worst condition, not other cities are left behind. Many other metro and mega cities in our country are also facing increased air pollution. Government is doing anything and everything to curb the pollution. But what are we doing?

Our take on curbing air pollution

  • Avoid automobiles powered by petrol, gas and diesel

  • Start using electric scooters and battery bikes

  • Increase the use of renewable energy (solar cooker, etc.)

  • Make people stop cutting trees

  • Plant more and more saplings

  • Prefer public transport over personal

Considering what is happening in Delhi and other Tier I and II cities in India, we need to do our best to address the issue on immediate basis. And as automobile exhaust is the major cause of toxic smog, we should avoid using petrol and diesel vehicles and increase the use of electric scooters. It is the most effective way to curb air pollution.