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5 Ways to keep up your battery scooter’s performance

Whether you have planned to buy an electric bike or you already own one, you would always want that your bike runs well, right? Well, we would also want that you have the best experience of riding it. That is why we, at YObykes, have come up with some tips that would help you increase the range of your electric bike and enhance its overall performance. Have a look, please!

1. Avoid overloading

Check the pay load capacity of your scooter. It is the carrying capacity of a vehicle which is normally measured in weight. It includes the riders and whatever you are carrying along with you on that scooter. This capacity changes from scooter to scooter. So first of all, check its pay load capacity and make sure that it doesn’t exceed the limit.

2. Don’t often change its speed

While you are riding your electric scooter, don’t suddenly change its speed. You should not suddenly pick up its speed to maximum when it has just been started. And vice versa, you should also avoid unnecessary and frequent braking unless it’s required in case of traffic jam.

3. Start your electric scooter gradually

YObykes come with a key start facility. You just have to turn the key and it will start but you need to take care that you don’t start it at full acceleration. A racing start may quickly drain its battery. So avoid fast acceleration while initiating it.

4. Maintain proper pressure in tires

This is essential! If you want your electric bike to run well, you have to make sure that its tires have proper pressure. If they are under-inflated, their rolling resistance will increase. As a result, their energy might be wasted and you wouldn’t want this, would you?

5. Save its energy

Whenever it is not in use, keep a practice of turning it off. Whenever you stop at traffic signals or road crossings or anywhere to attend a call, turn off your electric scooter. This would prevent draining its battery charge, save the energy and enhance its overall performance.

Above tips would not only just increase the range of your electric scooter but will also give you an uninterrupted and enjoyable ride.

And if you want to experience how enjoyable it is to ride a YObykes, book your first YO ride now! You may also visit your nearest YObykes store today!

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How to select the best electric bike?

On this earth, there would be almost as many vehicles as the adults and majority of them are conventional which require petrol, diesel or gas. Perhaps some young people ride their bicycles. Only a specific class of people is there who are nature-lovers and love to drive electric scooters. These people are indeed wise because they understand the importance of clean and pure environment which is after all, beneficial to us only! Well, not only wise, but also smart because they know how to save a big portion of their income.

Smart, aren’t they?

Yes! Battery operated electric scooters have their own benefits over the conventional ones. As they run by electric power, they are eco-friendly. With emerging fuel prices, these electric scooters are a perfect alternative to diesel or petrol automobiles.

You might have decided to own such economical and environment-friendly electric bikes but might not be able to decide on choosing the right one. If it is so, YObykes is here to help you out. Through this post, we’re going to tell you about a few points that would help you buy the best electric bikes. Have a look, please.

Understand your requirements

One might need a two-wheeler for a daily transportation of hardly 4-5 kilometers. Other might need it to travel almost about 15 kilometers every day. If your requirement is to cover long distances, then battery capacity is the main thing to be considered. If you are in the delivery business, the load carrying capacity of your vehicle is also to be checked.

Design and structure

The best electric bike is the one which is easy and convenient to ride. And a convenient riding experience depends majorly on the design and structure of that bike. These electric scooters hold battery and motor as the major components which make these electric scooters light in weight. You also make sure that the one you are going to buy, is light-weight and easily manageable.

Sufficient storage space

For whatever use you’re going to buy an electric bike, check whether its storage space is sufficient to store your essentials while riding. If you are a student, you would need it to keep your stationeries and if you are a housewife, you would need it to keep your groceries. Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough scope for putting your essentials, you may face the inconvenience.

If budget is your concern, YObykes also sorts it out for you as they are an economical range of electric bikes. If you want to give it a try, book a test ride now!