World’s First E-Scooter to reach KHARDUNG LA PASS

NO PETROL – YOBYKES become the FIRST ever, E-Scooter to reach KHARDUNG LA (MOUNTAIN PASS), World’s Highest Motorable road

What happens when YObykes participate in what is considered as India’s most difficult Marathon – Leh International Marathon? Well pictures speak a thousand words!

YOEXL‬ is the first ‪electric‬ two-wheeler to reach World’s Highest Motorable Road – ‪Khardunga‬ Top, ‪Leh‬, India.
Due to its extreme and very difficult conditions i.e. rough roads, high gradient, difficult terrain and very cold weather conditions the Leh to Khardunga route is considered to be one of the most difficult places to reach by road.

YO EXL was the official ‘Lead Vehicle’ for the Half Marathon (22 km)

Dates – 12th to 14th September, 2015