Electric Bike in India

How YObykes differ from conventional two-wheelers

YObykes are battery scooters that are designed, developed and manufactured in India. Being economical, eco-friendly, safe and convenient; they are rated the best electric bikes. They are not just like any other petrol-driven two-wheeler. First of all, they require no fuel such as diesel, petrol or gas and therefore, are zero-pollution two-wheelers.

Based on power electronics, our scooters use BLDC motor rather than the conventional engine. They come with an efficient rechargeable battery which is as easy to charge as your own mobile phone. You just need to carry its charger along with wherever you go. Once fully charged, these e-scooters can go up to 75 kilometers (depending upon the type of road, speed and load).

Let’s have a quick comparison between YObykes and conventional two-wheelers:


Conventional Two-wheeler


Power and Drive Engine and/or Gear Box BLDC Motor and Controllers
Fuel Petrol, Diesel or Gas Electric Power
Start Mode Self-Start and/or Kick Start Key Start
Heavy Components Gear Box, Air/Oil Filters, Clutch Plates, Engine, etc. Battery and Motor
Weight Heavy Light in Weight
Mileage 45 to 60 Km/L 60 to 100 Km/Charge
Running Cost Around 1.50 Rs/Km Around 0.17 Paisa/Km
Oil Expense Rs. 250 per 2000 Km NIL (Oil Not Required)
Maintenance Cost Very High Comparatively Very Low
Load Carrying Capacity 130 Kg – 130 Kg (High-Speed Models)

– 75 Kg (Low-Speed Models)

Riding Mode Selector Not Available Economy + Power Mode Selector
Eco-Friendly NO ZERO Tail Pipe Emission
Driving License and Registration Required Not Required (Some Models)

Now you have a better idea how YObykes are different from the conventional bikes. Our entire range of battery scooters is pollution-free as it doesn’t use any conventional fuel. Additionally, they are lightweight with easily manageable controls which make them ideal for all the age groups – right from your school-going champ to your grandparents! And the biggest plus point is that they’re economical and can help you save BIG! If you don’t believe, calculate it on your own!