Electric Scooters

Battery bikes – The way forward to greener tomorrow

Before a few decades, owning a vehicle was a novelty. But over a last few decades, this has changed and today, it is no different than other basic needs – house, food and clothes. Having a vehicle has become a necessity than a need!
On the contrary, global warming has also emerged as one of the biggest concerns for earth. It is indeed required to have an advanced technology that can contribute to a greener and pollution-free environment. Such a technology advancement has been introduced and so the zero-pollution electric bikes. YObykes is one such brand that supports green transportation by offering no-petrol no-pollution electric bikes.

EECS (Economical, Eco-friendly, Convenient and Safe)

Electrotherm was the first company to introduce battery-operated electric bikes in India under the brand name of YObykes. These electrically powered automobiles don’t require any fossil fuel such as petrol, gas or diesel and hence, are a green mobility solution. They are economical, environment-friendly along with being safe and convenient to ride. Due to easy-to-use and simple features of these electric bikes, YObykes, today, has over one lakh satisfied customers.

Special features
* High ground clearance
* Digital odometer
* Pulse charger
* Riding mode selector (Economy and Power mode)
* Telescopic suspension
* Under-seat storage space

Perks offered by these electric bikes
* RTO approved (ARAI/I-CAT approved)
* One year warranty support
* Finance tie-up
* Vehicle insurance
* Largest pan-India service network
* Easy availability of spare parts
* Overdrive award

Apart from this, it’s a privilege that all our electric bikes are designed, developed and manufactured in India. And through them, we are trying to spread the awareness of using no-petrol vehicles in order to make the environment safe.
So, do you want to contribute to a pollution-free environment or just choose to remain ignorant and be a mute spectator who is not concerned about one’s surroundings?

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